BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: E500H                  Date:06/20/03

1. Initial release

AB60S00P Checksum: DC00H                 Date:07/11/03
1. Fixed unplug the power core and battery for a while system can't bootable problem.
AB60S00T Checksum: 2100H                   Date:11/14/03
1. Change PCI Lan Rom size.
2. Remove Intel Celeron CPU logo file and Willamette CPU all Micro-code
   and S4 function.
3. Support P4 Extreme Edition(P4EE) CPU.
4. Add P-BIOS function on FSB 800MHz if Turbo mode set 'Enable'
5. Fixed Prescott CPU ratio("20"x133 ).
6. Adjust Turbo mode help string.
7. Visible Thermal2 Function in advanced bios feature.
AB60S00U Checksum: 1900H                   Date:01/13/04
1. Add IDE DMA transfer mode.
AB60S00W Checksum: A200H                   Date:03/18/04
1. Improve DDR compatibility when 4 DDR400 insert
AB60S00X Checksum: F700H                   Date:07/29/04
1. Support new Celeron-D CPU.
AB60S00Y Checksum: 4500H                   Date:10/04/04
1. Fixed use Celeron-D CPU can't save CMOS problem.