BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: EE01H                   Date:05/28/03

1. Initial release

AB60RS0W Checksum: 5501H                   Date:07/11/03
1. Set FSB up to 355MHz
2. Add DDR turbo mode select item
3. Fixed unplug the power core and battery for a while system can't bootable problem.
AB60RS11 Checksum: 6A00H                    Date:11/14/03
1. Fixed Display bootup string error.
2. Adjust Turbo mode help string.
3. Support P4 Extreme Edition(P4EE) CPU.
4. Fixed P4-logo display on post screen.
5. Add P-BIOS function on FSB 800MHz if Turbo mode set 'Enable'.