BIOS Revision History

Bios name


AE23S009 Date code: 01/15/2001   checksum: F981h
Initial Bios.
AE23S011 Date code: 02/16/2001   checksum: 96FBh
1. Fix the bug that while using 133Mhz CPU, the CPU clock can not be selected to be more than 145Mhz.
2. Set the default values of "Wake-Up by PCI card" & "Power On by Ring" & "Wake Up On LAN" to be "Disabled".
AE23S018 Date code: 09/11/2001   checksum: F567h
1. Set the CPU Frequency to 133.70 MHz instead of 133.33 MHz if
133MHz CPU is used.
2. Solve the problem of detected CPU FAN speed being too low.
3. Add "State After Power Failure" function.
4. Remove two items: "CPU Warning Temperature" & "Shutdown Temperature".
5. Remove "67/33/No" option in "CPU HOST/PCI Clock/PC133".
6. For detecting CPU whose frequency is greater than 1GHz.