BIOS Revision History

Bios name


AK12AS02 Date code: 12/26/2001   checksum: A4BB
1. Fixed WinME HCT Pro-OS Pmdiag test fails.
2. Protect CPU when no found CPUFAN speed.
3. Fix when use USB device with AMR MODEM card then try to dail the     system will be hang.
4. Fix H/W monitor Vcore to high issue.
5. Add a new item "PCI Master Bus TimeOut Control"to fix 686B ATA-100 issue.
AK12AS03 Patch Resume time item failed
AK12AS04 1. Update BIOS for new Athlon 4 CPU
2. Fix VIA 4in1 driver V4.30 with 686 SB compatible issue.
AK12AS05 CPU protect for CPUFAN off:" as "Disable"
AK12AS07 1. Fix Sound bluster PCI card will be hang under 98se.
2. Solve some copy compare fails in VT686B.
3. Desktop CPU String for CPUID 66x(20734 Rev:S P.15) from AMD recommend.
4. Fix Asus GeForce2 MX AGP card can't install win2k issue.
5. Update code support NT_Flash tools
6. Follow AMD's suggestion to show new AMD CPU sign on.
7. Update to support new type 256M VCM memory module

Date code: 09/24/2001   checksum: 4C2Ch

Then during POST will see the error message show "Warning!! 
Your CPU has been changed. Please setup CUP HOST clock in 
chipset features setup".


Date code: 12/26/2001   checksum: 8D07h

1. Fixed Windows XP/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer/System/ACPI error marked.
2. Updated ACPI shutdown temp. function
3. Updated new SDRAM Chipset For VCM memory 64M / 256M module well
4. To speed up UDMA cycle for IDE performance improvement.
5. Fixed can't boot-up from CDROM and/or HDD when Adaptec 29160 SCSI     card installed


Date code: 01/08/2002   checksum: DBE6h

1. Fixed "Onhip USB" option become disable after load optimized default 

2. Gate A20 Option exchange to Fast

3. Open IDE secondary UDMA support


Date code: 03/21/2002   checksum: 2DB5h

1. Update for AMD new CPUs sign on. 

2. Update to support over 137GB HDD.

3. Enhance DRAM Driving for (specific) 512MB X3.


Date code: 09/09/2002   checksum: 25AEh

To support AMD Athlon 2400+ & 2600+.


Date code: 09/04/2003   checksum: F7AFh

To support AMD Thorton CPU.


Date code: 10/08/2003   checksum: 07B1h

To support AMD Duron Applebred CPU.


Date code: 12/23/2003   checksum: 53BAh

To support AMD Duron 1.3GHz Palomino CPU.