BIOS Revision History

Bios name


AK31S027 Date code:04/23/2001   Checksum: EC5E
Initial release

Date code:04/30/2001   Checksum: 07B7
AK31V14 new release

AK31S405 Date code:05/30/2001   Checksum : 97AD
1. Support ECC function.
2. Support AK31V13 and AK31V14
AK31S407 Date code:8/30/2001   Checksum : 6735
1. Show CPU Clock by BIOS setup value.
2. Fixed Show "Press DEL to enter SETU " error.
3. Support ratio 14.
AK31S409 Date code:10/09/2001   Checksum : 2C61
Support AthlonXP.

Date code:01/04/2002   Checksum : 732B

Support AthlonXP 2000+

AK31S40E Date code:12/05/2003  Checksum :3D05                                                          To support AMD Duron 1.3GHz Palomino CPU.