BIOS Revision History

Bios name


AK31S2E8 Date code: 09/13/2001   checksum: 21EEh
Initial Bios for AK31 V3.1
AK31S2E9 Date code: 09/26/2001   checksum: EF55h
Support Athlon XP CPU
AK31S2EA Date code: 11/30/2001   checksum: 1500
Patch nVidia Geforce 3 VGA driver issue when AGP aperture size select 64M.

Date code: 12/06/2001   checksum: 1D00
1. Add full_screen_logo function

2. CPU clock is 100MHz if load optimized defaults.


Date code: 12/19/2001   checksum: 9A00
1. Fixed "SmallSun" USB keyboard caused system to hang up.

2. Fixed 3% system auto on after clear cmos and plug back power cord

3. EPA Logo default enabled


Date code: 01/04/2002    checksum: 4B00

Support AthlonXP 2000+


Date code: 03/02/2002    checksum: 2300

1.Support HDD larger then 137GB capacity

2.Support Athlon XP 2100+ (0.18 micron : Palomino).

3.Update K7 CPU Model Number

4.Don't need to check warm boot flag before calling


Date code: 04/17/2002    checksum: 4400

1.FSB frequency default to 100MHz.

2.Fixed parts of CPU sign on message error.

3.Change default year from 2001 to 2002.

AK31S2EK Date code: 12/05/2003   checksum: 9A00                                                         To support AMD Duron 1.3GHz Palomino CPU.