BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum:   0F00H                         Date Code: 09/01/03

Initial release.


Checksum:   D300H                         Date Code: 10/30/03

1. Added DDR timing items for user selectable.
2. Added DDR clock auto speed down when insert 3 PCS of DDR 400Mhz.
3. Support K8 Cool'n'Quiet function.


Checksum:   4C00H                         Date Code: 02/09/04

1. Support Cool'n'Quiet function for K8 CG Version CPU.
2. Added CPU Frequency ID.
3. Added Mem_1T/2T by item for CG version or after.
4. Fixed I/O compatibility with PCI Game port.
5. Fixed RAID 0/1 function when install without PS2 mouse.


Checksum:   D000H                         Date Code: 03/18/04

Update use BIOSCHK v1.1.6 test compatibility problem with Athlon64 Newcastle core CPU.


Checksum:   BE00H                         Date Code: 06/28/04

1. Patch AMD K8 Errtat #108.
2. Support K8 Sempron CG version 754 pin 1.8G CPU.
3. Support Cool'n'Quiet function for CG version 1.8/2.0/2.2G/2.4G CPU.
4. Fixed support K8 Mobile CPUs.
5. Fixed ADA3200AEP4AR CPU S3 resume function.
6. Fixed system got C1 status if set CL=3 by manual.
7. Added show DRAM timing on post screen.


Checksum:   5000H                         Date Code: 08/16/04

1. Support CPUID "0FE0" & "0FC0" Cool'n'Quiet function.