BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Date:08/16/2002   checksum:A700

Initial version.


Date:08/22/2002I  checksum:D100
Fixed after clear CMOS, system sometimes can't boot when CPU clock run 533MHz FSB.


Date:09/22/2002  checksum:9C00
1.Added CPU auto-parking function.
2.Fixed ATI 8x AGP Run 3DWinbench issue. (ATI vendor ID: 1002 R300 dev ID:4E44)
3.Fixed nv28 AGP 8x can't install WinXP.
4.Set third boot device bios default value as 'CD-ROM'.
5.Set SIS AC97 AUDIO &1394 bios default value as 'Enable'
6.changed show RRAM clock string at BIOS post.
7.Sis chipset(651A&648A)can't support Hyper-Threading CPU resume from S3,
so when we plug Hyper-Threading CPU then S3 item selection will be disappear.
8.Fixed Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz sign-on message show 2.0A GHz.

9.Fixed use DMICFG.exe to detect Intel celeron 2.0 GHz L2 catch show not correct.
10.Changed value of SafeRatio for Intel sample P4 CPU.


Date:11/28/2002  checksum:5E00
1.Fixed Kingmax Memory 333 resume from S3 fail problem.

2.Updated microcode (mu2f11f/mu2f12f/mu2f24f/mu2f27f/

3.Fixed PS/2 keyboard and USB mouse can't wakeup from S1 under Win XP/2K/98.