BIOS Revision History

Bios name


AV49S00H Initial version                                                                           Date:09/17/02
AV49S00L Support Hyper-Threading CPU                                                 Date:10/02/02
AV49S00N 1. Fixed resume from S3 fail with CPU133/DDR166.               Date:02/12/03
2. Added CPU macro code to add HT Performance. 
3. Added 'APIC Mode' function item.
AV49S00P 1. Fixed VT8235 AUTO-POWER-ON after clear CMOS.            Date:02/19/03
2. Patch AGP_8X with / DDR_400 can't run 3DMARK2003.
AV49S00Q Support D-Stepping CPU                                                          Date: 05/14/03