BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Date code: 10/04/2002   Checksum: E800                                                

Initial release.                                                                            


Date code: 10/23/2002   Checksum: 4C00                                                

Support CV21 TV card.                                                               


Date code: 11/13/2002   Checksum: 6500                                      

1. Fixed installed ATI RADEON 8500 AGP with WinTV(Hauppauge) PCI card, system failed to boot up.
2. Set onboard LAN boot rom default value disable.
3. Add Intel CPU Hyper-Threading help item string.
4. Report Onboard PCI VGA IRQ Routing.
5. Add NT_flash to support Winflash utility.
6. Set Spectrum default value enable.
7. Fixed WinFlash can't work for H-T CPU.


Date code: 11/14/2002   Checksum: 4900                                     

Remove USB boot function.                                                


Date code: 11/15/2002   Checksum: 1800                                          

1. Add "Bios Write Protect" in Advanced Bios Features.
2. Add USB_Boot function
3. Fixed USB card reader hang when system boot up
4. Fixed USB ZIP hang when system boot up
5. Fixed when Hot plug-in USB devices, system hang on POST.


Date code: 11/22/2002   Checksum: 0000                                           

Fixed Hyper-Threading CPU resume from S3, CPU fan stop problem.


Date code: 12/16/2002   Checksum: F700                                           

Fixed can't use DMICFG utility to read & save DMI message.   


Date code: 05/09/2003   Checksum: 3600                                           

1. Adjust fan setting.
Fixed install two different size of DDR , system is not stable.
Added HT CPU to show "HT Enable" when BIOS post.

4. Added new display string for DVD+CD-RW devices.

5. Support P4 D1 Core Stepping CPU. (Northwood)   

  FB51S035 Date code: 06/19/2003   Checksum: 9500                                                            Fixed SFF USB card reader-PC10/PC12 hang issue.
  FB51S036 Date code: 07/16/2003   Checksum: 7A00                                                           Solved the smart fan miss function when system resume from S3.
  FB51S037 Date code: 01/27/2004   Checksum: 3100                                                               add IDE_DMA_Transfer support.