BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: 9F00                              Date: 07/26/2004

Initial release.

FB81S017 Checksum: EF00                              Date: 08/09/2004
1.Fixed BIOS can't detect fan speed issue after clear CMOS.
2.Fixed power LED Brightness function fail issue, when system resume from S3.
3.Changed the "PCI-E/PCI CLK" item string to "PCI CLK" in BIOS setup page.
FB81S024 Checksum:E500                               Date:10/16/2004
1.Fixed Celeron-D CPU logo fail (show P4 logo).
2.Add bios item "CPU Ratio fixed 14x"(for P4 3.4G or higher).
3.Fixed ADD2 card install in PCI-E slot can't boot.
4.Update Micro Code for Prescott CPU.
5.Update VGA bios to ver3398.
6.Fixed sometimes can't enter BIOS setup.
7.Update micro code 1.10 for memory.
8.Remove CPU fan, system fan, and CPU temp tag help string.
9.Change fan setting parameter.
10.Fixed PCI-E 3D performance sometimes abnormal.
11.Change Azalia item string to "High Definition Audio".
12.Fixed P4 E0-stepping CPU(775) can't save CMOS.
13.Add thermal monitor 2 support.
FB81S025 Checksum:A800                               Date:10/20/2004
1.Fixed USB keyboard support fail in RAID configuration.
FB81S027 Checksum:1A00                               Date:11/23/2004
1.Add SATA Hot-Plug function in RAID or AHCI mode.
FB81S029 Checksum:6300                               Date:01/25/2005
1.Add EIST function for 6xx CPU.
2.Fixed fan noise too loud when booting.
3.Fixed Overvoltage fail when status change from manual to Auto.
FB81S02E Checksum:9D00                               Date:04/07/2005
1.Add Shuttle XPC logo.
2.Support Intel P4EE CPU.
3.Fixed Intel 630 CPU EIST function fail.
4.Change C1E/EM64T string format.
5.Add CPU C1E select item.
FB81S02F Checksum:7800                                Date:07/06/2005
1.Update CPU u-code.
2.Remove EPA logo.
FB81S02J Checksum:2000                                Date:08/31/2005
1.Increase 6cm system fan's RPM to improve the airflow inside system.
2.Patch CPU FAN1,FAN2 set at full speed sometimes abnormal.
3.Support X64 Driver_CD link
FB81S02L checksum:5600                                Date:10/19/2006
1.Fixed install PCI-E x4 card can't boot.
2.Update Shuttle XPC logo