BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: 1300             Date:07/07/04

1. Initial release


Checksum: 5D00             Date:07/30/04

1. Adjust smart fan speed setting

2. Fixed system can't boot after clear CMOS w/ PCI-E VGA on


Checksum: 6900             Date:09/03/04

1. Add P4-E0 Stepping CPU support

2. Fixed sometime can't enter bios setup after clear CMOS


Checksum: 4100             Date:10/12/04

1. Update VGA BIOS v.3402

2. Fixed no boot with CHRONTEL CH7307C ADD2 card

3. Add bios item "CPU Ratio fixed 14x"(for P4 3.4G or higher)

4. Fixed PCI-E 3D performance sometimes abnormal


Checksum: 3100             Date:10/19/04

1. Fixed USB keyboard could not work after boot from CD-ROM


Checksum: 3300             Date:01/24/05

1. Update lan pxe boot rom to patch pxe boot failure

2. Fixed DMI DDR Memory size information not correctly

3. Improve fan silent when system power on

4. Add Intel EM64T & EIST CPU support

5. Update CPU u-code

6. Support RAID/AHCI Hot Plug function


Checksum: BD00             Date:04/06/05

1. Add Shuttle XPC full logo at post.

2. Fixed chipset voltage (auto,1.7,1.9,2.1v) setting not correctly

3. Add C1E Auto/Disable function

4. Add show EM64T & EIST CPU string if EM64T & EIST CPU installed.

5. Fixed Intel 630 CPU EIST function fail.


Checksum: 6E00             Date:05/12/05

1. Fixed Power LED still on when enter S1.


Checksum: AE00             Date:07/13/05

1. Update CPU u-code.

2. Fixed "Irda" will appear an exclamation mark in windows device manager.


Checksum: F800             Date:09/07/05

1. Fixed CPU Fan Full Speed function fail.


Checksum: 8700             Date:10/07/05

1.Support onboard VGA share memory maximum to 224MB.