BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum:   6E00                Date code: 03/08/04

 Initial release


Checksum:   5600                Date code: 03/18/04

 1. Fixed BIOSCHK v1.1.6 test fail if use AMD Athlon64 Newcastle
   core CPU with 512k L2 cache.


Checksum:  7800                Date code: 06/28/04

1. Patch AMD K8 Errtat #108
2. Support K8 Sempron ver CG 754 pin 1.8G CPU
3. Support Cool'n'Quiet function for ver CG 1.8/2.0/2.2G/2.4G CPU
4. Fixed Mobile CPU can't boot
5. Fixed ADA3200AEP4AR CPU s3 resume fail
6. Fixed System hang C1 if Set CL=3 by manual
7. Added show DRAM timing on post screen


Checksum:  1400                Date code: 07/02/04

1. Fixed PSS table build error (CPU ID 0FE0h)
2. Add Sempron mobil PSS table 1600Mhz
3. Add mobile version D0 PSS table 1600/1800/2000MHz


Checksum:  F400                Date code: 11/09/04

1. Fixed ver CG (CPUID = 0FC0/1800Mhz) PST fail
2. Fixed HDD when install Windows98 and show "user.exe error"


Checksum:  EB00                Date code: 02/16/05

1. Fixed detect DRAM size error when use Sempron Rev D CPU
2. Update RAIDBIOS to v4.3.53
3. Fixed set the option "Halt On" to [All Errors]
& enable "USB Mouse Support" , post screen will appear the
error-meassage: "Keyboard is locked out - Unlock the key"
4. Added RTC_Alarm_Item help string


Checksum:  0500                Date code: 03/24/05

1. Added PST table for D0 stepping Sempron CPU
2. Support X64 driver link


Checksum:  E800                Date code: 06/15/05

1. Added new BIOS micro code