BIOS Revision History

Bios name


FS40S022 Date code: 04/30/2002
Initial release.
FS40S030 Date code: 07/05/2002   checksum: 9400h
1.Fix under S1,CPU fan won't stop issue.
2.Add boot from lan function.
3.Change cpu fan controller from fan1 to fan3 as default.
4.Fan controller default is enable.
FS40S032 Date code: 08/12/2002   checksum:1E00
1. Fixed Duron 1.2G will showed Athlon 1.2G
FS40S037 Date code: 09/11/2002   checksum:6F00
1. Support ATHLON XP CPU 2400+,2600+.
2. Added USB devices booting function.
3. Added bioslock function.
4. Added the new fan speed table
5. Added CPU frequency item '133/166/33' and '166/166/33' which support 166 Mhz cpu.(for over clock function)
FS40S039 Date code: 12/23/2002   checksum: 2000
1. Fixed 2400+ showing error
 Date code: 01/21/2003   checksum: FC00    
1. Support 'Power Fail Resume' function
2. Fixed it show 'Printer Port' under WIN2000
FS40S043  Date code: 08/19/03       checksum: 2C00
1. Added Thorton CPU support code.
FS40S045 Date: 12/12/2003    Checksum : D900 
1. Support Duron 1.3G Palomino CPU