BIOS Revision History

Bios name


FS51S025 Date code: 07/17/2002   checksum: E600
Initial release.
FS51S031 Date code: 08/21/2002   checksum: 9100
1.Add one more selection,fan1 & fan3, under the item (user set CPU fan).
2.Fixed cv20 TV-out shows as Black and white.
3.Fixed using LCD device, system can't load up to OS.
4.Remove the item "Under Scan/Over Scan Select".
5.Fixed the error transfer message to TV.
6.Fixed installing AC97 drivers pop out error message.
FS51S035 Date code: 09/11/2002   checksum: 9200
1.Added CPU auto parking function.
2.Fixed the system crash issue in CMOS setup utility when plugging USB Flash Disk & USB Keyboard at the same time.
3.Changed "third boot device" default value as "CD-ROM".
4.Changed "SIS AC97 AUDIO" default value as "enable"
5.Added DRAM clock string on First BIOS POST.
FS51S038 Date:10/01/2002        checksum: 9500
1.Sis chipset(651 A&648A)can't support hyper-threading cpu resume from s3, so when we plug hyper-threading cpu then s3 item selection will be disappear.
2.Fixed Intel celeron2.0GHz sign-on message show 2.0A GHz (100X2.0) 3.Fixed use Dmicfg.exe to detect Intel celeron2.0GHz L2 catch show not correct (Update Cache Description Table to follow Intel NetBurst Micro-Architecture BIOS Writer's Guide)
4.Changed value of SafeRatio for Intel sample P4 CPU with Hyper-Threading(ratio can't set to 21)
5.fixed fan control at low speed is not stable. checksum: 9500