BIOS Revision History

Bios name


FS51SB0C Date:12/17/2002   Checksum:5B00
Initial release.
FS51SB0F Date:05/30/2003   Checksum:FC00                                                                   1. Update  microcode for Northwood Package                                                   2. Set DRAM Addr/Cmd rate default with 2T
FS51SB0K Date:11/17/2003  Checksum:8900                                                                       1. Add fan 'Ultra Low,Low,Middle,High speed'  function                                     2. Fixed only plug usb keyboard & cardreader and  no diskette in USB Zip system hang                                                                                                       3. Set usb keyboard default as 'Enabled'
FS51SB0L Date:12/02/2003 Checksum:A900                                                                   Fixed system unstable issue, while installing DDR 256MB+512MB together.