BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: 6F00                                      Date: 2004/04/20

Initial release


Checksum: EF00                                      Date: 2004/07/20

1. Improve DDR compatibility.
2. Added Celeron D CPU microcode.
3. Patch detect IDE devices too slow.


Checksum: 3D00                                      Date: 2004/09/06

1. Support E-Stepping CPU.

2. Fixed system unstable issue when install Prescott CPU with WindowsXP SP2.


Checksum: FA00                                      Date: 2004/09/24

1. Fixed Prescott Celeron D 2.4G unstable.


Checksum: 0A00                                      Date: 2004/10/18

1. Improve DDR compatibility.

FS56S20Z Checksum: 5500                                       Date: 2004/11/04
1. Patch P4 FSB800 2.4G CPU can't enter OS.
2. Patch system can't boot when plug USB device.
3. Patch can't resume from S3 after loading optimized.
FS56S210 Checksum: 9500                                       Date: 2004/12/10
1. Patch HW monitor fail with Prescott CPU.
FS56S212 Checksum: E400                                       Date: 2005/02/25
1. Patch Northwood Celeron CPU can't enter OS.
FS56S213 Checksum: 5900                                       Data: 2005/03/16
1. Patch USB keyboard function fail
FS56S214 Checksum: 2300                                       Data: 2005/05/16
1. Patch Kreton DDR400 unstable.