BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: 0600             Date:11/11/03

1. Initial release

FT61S01Q Checksum:3F00             Date:2003/11/13
1. Fixed can't shutdown form Win98.
FT61S01T Checksum:FD00            Date:2003/12/02
1.Support new data code of Sorth Bridge.
2.Fixed sometime "Memory Timing Parameter" will auto reset to "auto".
3.Fixed PME function fail.
FT61S01V Checksum:2E00             Date:2003/12/29
1. Fixed USB2.0 compatibility issue.
FT61S01Z Checksum:2100              Date:2004/01/28
1. Update CPU micro code.
FT61S02B Checksum:D400             Date:2004/08/31
1.Enabled SurroundView function
2.Support Intel Celeron D& new Prescott 2.8G CPU
3.Fixed system could not log into Window with some optical drives(eg: Samsung SW252f & Mitsumi CR-48XGTE &NEC NR-9400A).
4.Fixed system unstable issue when install Prescott CPU with WindowsXP SP2.
FT61S02D Checksum:DF00            Date:2004/10/27
1.Fix Matrox G550 compatibility issue.
2.Fill in DMI data.