BIOS Revision History

Bios name


FX43S408  Date code: 09/12/03   checksum: E201
Initial version
FX43S40I Date code: 10/14/03   checksum:  1A00
1. Added onboard VGA SSID.
2. Added 0.18/0.13 CPU auto detect.
3. Patch HCT11.2 can't run unreported memory and
    I/O port test (Added add_290h_node defining).
4. Patch CPU ratio function fail
5. Patch SATA IDE mode unstable.
6. Patch SATA display error
7. Patch Audio CMOS BIOS setting error.
FX43S40Q  Date code: 11/01/03   checksum:  F200
1. Support LPC flash.
2. Patch .13/.18 CPU detect.
3. Patch need booting twice question.
4. Patch CPU over-range error.
5. Change boot sequence
FX43S40R  Date code: 11/07/03   checksum:  DA00
1. Fix TV can not be selected issue in WinXP.
FX43S410 Data code:12/30/03    checksum :A000
1. Patch SATA channel 2 can't install OS when using IDE mode 
2. BIOS Write protect default disable
3. Onboard FDC Controller default disable
4. Patch Intel 82559 lan card can't resume from S5
5. Patch FSB133 cpu change to FSB166 can't boot
6. Patch Reboot tool hang up before enter OS
7. Support Duron 1.3GHz Palomino CPU
8. Update code for KM400 Ver.B
FX43S412 Data code:08/09/04    checksum : 6000
1.Support K7 Sempron CPU

Data code:09/10/04    checksum :1F00
1. Support K7 3000+ Sempron CPU
2. Added RAID subsystem ID
3. Patch AGP card Matrox G550 issue

FX43S418 Data code:11/17/04    checksum :D700
1. Patch Sempron CPU hang up after flashing if added cleaning CMOS command
FX43S419 Data code:03/17/05    checksum :DD00
Added Shuttle XPC logo