BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Checksum: 3100                                      2004/04/21

Initial release

FX83S025 Checksum: E100                                      2004/06/04
1. Support Cool'n'Quiet function for K8 ver CG 2.0/2.2G/2.4G 89w 754pin CPU
2. Fixed AMD BIOS check error for CG version
3. Fix CRT display crash on resolution 800x600 mode
FX83S029 Checksum: 1E00                                      2004/06/28
1. Support Cool'n'Quiet function for 3400+ and 3700+ CPU
2. Support Sempron ver CG 754 pin 1.8G CPU
3. Fixed PopUp BootMenu can not select correct HDD to boot
FX83S031 Checksum: EA00                                      2004/08/05 
1. Fixed S3 resume fail for 3200+ (ADA3200AEP4AR) CPU
FX83S032 Checksum: 0F00                                      2004/09/03
1. Fixed the system will restart after install Matrox G550 AGP driver
FX83S038 Checksum: 5F00                                      2005/02/15
1. Support Sempron RevD CPU Cool'n'Quiet function
2. Fixed detect DRAM size error if use Sempron Rev D CPU
3. Added RTC_Alarm_Resume help string
FX83S040 Checksum: 7A00                                      2005/03/24
1. Added Shuttle Logo
2. Added support of AMD REV E CPU
FX83S041 Checksum: 5800                                      2005/06/15
1. Support AMD Sempron Rev.E6 CPU