BIOS Revision History

Bios name



Date code: 08/15/2001   checksum: B300H

Initial Bios.


Date code: 08/31/2001   checksum: EB00H

1. Reopen "IrDA" related item.
2. Remove "ASKIR" item.
3. Change "Standard" item to "Normal".
4. Solved problem: if user set "Bank Interleaving" to "4 banks," then the system hangs while 94h appears in the debug card.


Date code: 11/01/2001   checksum: 9400

1. Update CPU Brand Name String.
2. Update S2K driving.
3. Set RX7f=08 when dram freq=133
4. Fix 1200 show 1206
5. Fix some Dimm clear CMOS cannot boot.
6. Support AMD XP CPU.


Date code: 01/14/2002   checksum: FE00

Support AMD AthlonXP 2000+


Date code: 02/06/2002   checksum: F300

1. Added Power fail resume function

2. Fixed Hidden "DRAM clock 100MHz" item if CPU FSB clock is 133MHz

3. Set DRAM Clock Fail-Safe default at "Auto"


Date code: 02/22/2002   checksum: CC00

1.Support HDD larger then 137GB capacity

2.Support Athlon XP 2100+ and 2200+.

3.Update K7 CPU Model Number

4.Don't need to check warm boot flag before calling


Date code: 04/20/2002   checksum: 1E00

1.Fix rst memory test program fail.