BIOS Revision History

Bios name


MK32S007 Initial version
MK32S008 Date code: 06/14/02   checksum:  7700h
Fix the wake on LAN issue
MK32S00A Date code: 09/09/02   checksum:  F100h
Support AMD XP 2400+
MK32S00B Date code: 09/09/02   checksum:  7CCAh
1.Fixed sign-on message from MK266 to KM266.
2.Fixed the item "onboard Lan bootup" to "Disable".
MK32S00C Date code: 08/18/03   checksum: 029Fh
Support Thorton CPU
MK32S00D Date code: 10/08/03   checksum: D6D3h                                                   Support 0.13 micron AMD Duron (Applebred) CPU
MK32S00E Date code: 12/16/03  checksum: C700h                                                            To support AMD Duron 1.3GHz Palomino CPU