BIOS Revision History

BIOS-Update for MS21

MS21S005 :     Initial release

MS21S006 :
1.Fixed SysInfo.EXE test mismatch 
2.USB mouse cause system power up under S5 issue. 
3.update cbrom.exe to ver 2.15 to patch Win98 JP Ver can't install
4.Patch COM LPT device can't wakeup from Sx state in Win98 ACPI Mode(dsdt.asx)
5.Patch W2K set standby & Hibernate timer together function abnormal
6.Add code for ACPI Mode S5 can turn off KB LED.
7.Let program AC Resume register early in pfeature.asm

MS21S007 :
Delete HotKey function

MS21S008 :
Patch external AGP card display crash problem