BIOS Revision History

Bios name


SS31S01G  Checksum: 6500H     Date: 8/23/06
Initial version
SS31S01L Checksum: B400H     Date: 9/13/06
1. Patch System couldn't enter into OS issue that plug USB device in deferent port. 
2. Support some USB mouse.
3. Revise the default setting of ˇ§USB mouse supportˇ¨from [Disabled] to [Enabled].
4. Set smart fan slope to 4 from 3 at auto mode.
5. Add SATA HDD patch for S3 resume fail at FFh.
SS31S01Q  Checksum: 4C00H     Date: 8/23/06
1. Fix resume form S3 with E4300 processor